Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Brimacombe Building

I commute to UBC campus once or twice per week. Since I live out of the city and a long way from campus, I usually try to leave the house at 5:45 to avoid traffic. For this reason I get to see the sun rise over the Brimacombe Building, which houses some sort of advanced chemical engineering laboratory. The show has been usually pretty good, particularly when it's slightly overcast or clear skies. Yesterday (when this picture was taken) was overcast, but in the South-East where the sun was rising, the sky was partially clear and a beautiful red. The result was a nice red glow on the south face of the building and its ventilation, contrasting beautifully with the blue-gray sky.

Another nice feature of this time of morning (just after 8AM, I think), is that the sun has not risen enough to overpower the lights coming from inside the building, so there are a few splashes of yellowish light in the windows (which, regrettably I wish I had taken greater advantage of.)

I've got a few different exposures facing the sunrise as well, which I wanted to put together into a high dynamic range image. After taking another look at them, I don't really think the composition is good enough to make it worth my while. The view in that direction from my lab is much less interesting.

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