Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jericho Sunrise

Went to Jericho Beach this morning to photograph the sunrise. It happened pretty fast, and I clicked away at various focal lengths, compositions and settings.

Noticed that my gear is dirty (could be the sensor), and that I sometimes get abnormal looking smears around the blown-out sun. Here's my favourite shot.

Apart from the usual tonal curve adjustments in Photoshop, I cheated a little and made use of the "Smart Sharpen" filter. Although I am generally in favour of trying to get a sharp photo at the time of capture, I should admit that I'm impressed with the result.

I was sharing the pier with a few guys tossing crab pots into the water. I wanted to get an action shot (a pot-toss shot!), and was loafing around nonchalantely waiting for the right moment. During that time I took this photo of smooth gradient of the water's surface. Never did get the pot-toss shot though.

Update (04/10/09): While checking out The Drift, I saw a photo in Vancouver Special by Shea W. Pollard. It's called The Deep End.

I like hers more than mine. The water has a lot more texture, and the photo is just really well executed. The sticker was $700 for what looked like a very nice 36"x36" print. I wouldn't dare say that it's not worth that much, but I can't help but wonder... if I made a nice big print of mine, what it would be worth?

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