Monday, December 28, 2009

Icy Fog

This is not the interesting post promised on December 13. The results of the Vancouver 12x12 Photo Marathon won't be announced until January 16 2010, at the opening of the event's exhibition entitled "Raw Talent". I've learned that the first photo of my entry into the competition (for the theme "My entry number", which was 32) was an all black frame. I'm not sure how improper loading of the film would create this result (I would think an all white frame would turn up in that case), but I screwed up somehow. As a result, I am not in the running for the top honour of overall winner, but my 11 remaining photos are still in the running individually. I'm optimistic.

On my birthday, I got out for a brief stroll in the foggy frost (or frosty fog?) that was still lingering about mid day. Here's a photo from that excursion.

I wanted to capture the dull blanket of the fog. The relative clarity (a term used loosely in this case) of the foreground tree with those in the background captures that effect. Here, positioning is important. Ideally, I would liked to have been closer to the foreground tree and made it a bit clearer, but that would not have allowed a similar composition given the surroundings (the foreground tree's lowest branches are quite high, and there is a tall chainlink fence just below frame of the background trees).

Believe it or not, this is a colour photo. The fog is thick, and the trees are backlit, so the scene looks pretty much as it was when I stood there. I did fuss with the tone curve a bit to get a satisfactory amount of detail in the foreground tree's branches.

A few more photos from this outing can be found on my Flickr photostream, tagged with 'fog'.

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