Sunday, November 2, 2008


I like taking nice photos. Both the challenge of capturing and processing a photo as well as the pride that comes with having produced a creative work is enjoyable to me. I especially like sharing them, because when you give someone a nice photo of a place, event, or person that of importance, it brings a great amount of joy preserves that memory. For example, when you show an athlete a great photo of them in competition or training, it reminds them where their passion for sport comes from.

It is a goal of mine to become a better photographer. The purpose of this blog is to provide me with a public forum for practicing and developing photographic knowledge. Each week (roughly) I will post a photo. I will discuss what I had hoped to achieve with the photo, and what I did to try and achieve this, through composure, capture and editing. I will discuss what I like and do not like about the photo, as well as follow up activities ("homework") for the following week. There may be other postings, for example notes or summaries of references I have investigated.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Hope you like what you see.

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